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We offer an extensive range of lighting systems. We established our Quality Assurance Policy in 1980, stipulating the Company's assurance of the industry's highest standard for quality in all of its products and services.

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High quality electricals & lighting units | Look & Pick Co. Ltd.

Providing Quality - Since 1980

We provide quality brand of electrical units for your housing.

Our customers expect the highest standards of quality assurance in our products, our business solutions and our aftersales support.

At Look And Pick Electrical Company we ensure the quality cables, lights and electrical tools for your housing, office and factory architectural development. We keep ensuring we meet the highest standard in Ghana and expectation by our standard board.

Did you know?

Correct Home Lighting Can Promote Love

Well chosen lights in your home contribute to less stress. It can enhance your mood possitively thereby reducing anxiety and promoting calmness of mind and heart.

Good lighting can foster quality rest

We give your home a perfect sense of lighting. Proper lighting in your room also contribute to the quality of rest.

We are and will always be reliable. Your home safety is our business priority.


Quality is our hallmark. We are known for quality standard in our delivery and product

100% Durability
Last longer
100% Trust
We are dependable
100% Safety
Get secured from fire disaster with quality

Are you settling for quality but are wondering or not sure where you are buying from?__

Don't get lost. Go to any Look And Pick electrical and lighting shop for anything quality for your fixture. We give your home a perfect sense of lighting. The quality of your electricals and lights in your home is a means to saving precious life and money.

Get free consultation from our well trained staffs with long time experience in electricals in Ghana markets.

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